Nov 29 2014

01-11-2014 – Taxi with two passangers loses control and smashes in to Holden dealership (Thebarton, Adelaide)

Original YouTube Description:

Taxi powerslides into Metro Holden


Additional information from YouTube comments:

speaking of the passengers, it was my sister and her partner in the back seat of that car, they have both been seriously hurt and traumatised by this incident, the taxi driver idiot was driving with a space saver on this vehicle which for a passenger vehicle is I believe is against the law….

News story on the event:


VIDEO footage has emerged of an Adelaide taxi cab — with two passengers on-board — powersliding into a sign at a Holden dealership.

The Yellow Cabs vehicle was travelling northwest on Port Rd when the driver lost control near the intersection of George St and James Congdon Dr about 4am on November 1.

CCTV footage shows the car powersliding until it slammed into a large sign out the front of the Thebarton dealership.

Taxi powerslides into Holden dealership sign

No one was injured, but a police spokesman said that came down to luck.

The driver 38, of Ingle Farm, has been charged with driving without due care and will appear in court at a later date.

“You can see from the vision the road is wet — the exact reason police ask drivers to slow down when it’s raining and drive to the conditions,” the spokesman said.

The footage was posted to the Crap Adelaide Drivers Facebook page.

Yellow Cabs has been contacted for comment.