Jun 09 2014

04-08-2012 – BMW pulls out in front of motorbike (South Yarra, Melbourne)

Original YouTube Description:

Thankfully I wasn’t doing 68km/h in this 60km/h Zone!

On my way home from the Saturday morning Netrider meets in Elwood. Heading down Punt road north bound, kind BMW driver decides to ignore my right of way and proceeds to pull on out. Driver did not seem at all phased by his actions merely glanced in his mirror with that “What do you want?” look. I was hardly impressed.

I held this lane because of the Ninja slightly behind in my right, I was unsure of his distance or approach speed, and had noticed the L plates on prior, I didn’t want to pull out risking an unsafer reaction from a new rider. You can see him in my mirror on approach.

Recorded on a GoPro2 helmet mounted on a 2012 Kawasaki ER6N.