Jul 15 2014

05-07-2014 – Lawn Mower parks in a bike lane, then proceeds to chase down cyclist who calls him out on it (Great Western Highway, Blaxland)

Original YouTube Description:

This guy will undoubtedly go down in the annuls of history as the biggest Bogan douchbag of all time.
He was double parked in a no standing zone across another vehicle in a fully marked cycling lane simultaneously.
I chipped him with an “Oi” as I went past.
Towards the end of the clip he pulls over in front, gets out & threatens me with violence.
I remind him he was parked in a cycle lane, his reply was astounding considering he believes he wasn’t doing anything illegal, there was no cycle lane & that I have no right to cycle on a medium strip & should in fact be riding in the middle of the Great Western Highway mixing it up with B-Doubles & Buses.
I am totally gob smacked at the stupidity & entitlement of motorists.
There is a reason why cycling deaths in Australia have doubled in 2013. If you ever needed a clearer indication of what we are up against as legitimate road users then this guy is definitely it.

Fortunately for him, he didn’t take a swipe. It would not have ended well for him.

Please follow @safecyclingaus & their Facebook page: Safe Cycling Australia
We need your support to make significant change.

This cycling lane is in Blaxland Blue Mountains & is the ONLY designated cycle path sharing the road that I know of.



This video from the rear camera was added on 19-07-2014:

Original YouTube Description:

After chipping a guy for parking in a cycleway & in a no stopping zone he blocks my path to confront me with his vast knowledge of road rules.