Jul 21 2014

06-10-2013 – Bad driving bogan cuts off cyclist, verbally threatens to run them over when confronted (CBD, Brisbane)

Original YouTube Description:

I was riding in the city one day and out of nowhere this woman speeds up at me, swerves around and beeps aggressively, scaring the hell out of me.

Ann St is a 60km/h zone in the Brisbane CBD with no bike lane, although generally most traffic moves at 30 – 45km/h as the rest of the CBD is a 40 zone.

Some references on road rules in QLD:

I stopped, out of breath, to try to tell her that I was allowed to ride there and explain myself, but instead got a mouthful of lip from a bogan soccer mum, so I gave her some back.


  • Elliot James McPherson

    Would of be fine but you swore a lot at the then and it really doesn’t make your actions any better than hers…

  • Brad

    good to see a bike rider doing the right thing, but the bike rider did push his luck by stopping and having a go at her twice. bike lane was on the left so no need to cut down the middle. Lady in 4×4, idiot.