Mar 04 2015

08-02-2015 – Motorcycle rider approaches corner too fast, collides with oncoming traffic (Mt Nebo, Brisbane)

Original YouTube Description:

Motorcycle riding with a group of people in Brisbane, QLD far above their skill level fails one of the most basic rules when riding a motorcycle; target fixation.

This is why you do not ride with other people who encourage fast and stupid riding, especially when you are still very, very new to riding. This rider was new to riding, got straight into a group of riders who all think they are invincible and will encourage even the newest riders to join in on the bigger, harder rides.

For your own safety guys, ride at your own level, this is what happens when you’re inexperienced and ride with idiots.

Additional comments from YouTube comments:

i broke my foot, nad grasing on both knees and hips, severe nerve damage on my right hip, bruised liver and left lung, collapsed right lung, dislocated and broken left elbow and left thumb, broken collar bone as well as covered in bruising. Did have a chest drain but that was removed. Came out better than i should have tho! Im so happy i walked away with just this