Sep 04 2014

08-11-2012 – Driver of a white SUV brake checks camera car at a clear round-a-bout, causes collision (Noosaville, Noosa)

Original YouTube Description:

4pm Thursday Afternoon, 8/11/2012
Location Walter Hay Drive, roundabout south entrance of Noosa Civic.
Heading North. White Car driving erratic on Walter Hay Drive from the
point where the road turns into 2 lanes, He Passes me and changes lanes
entering the unfinished roundabout just in front of me then starts to
Tailgate the Red car that was infront of me. As we slowed down at the
offending roundabout the Red car went through and as the White car
started to enter and in the middle of the roundabout He Stopped dead for
no reason. Unfortunately for me I was not able to stop in time and collided
with the white car. And yes…. my Ins. paid for it.