Oct 11 2014

09-10-2014 – Two trucks and a caravan engage in some mutual road rage (Paget, Mackay)

Original YouTube Description:

Composite video made from two videos posted on Facebook.

The small window was posted without audio, and runs for a shorter duration. It’s original description was “had a caravan sideswipe me today in mackay bloke didnt even stop but lucky for me i have dashcam and now so do the cops hahaha approx 1minute into video”.

The large window contains the only audio, and runs on past the event. It’s original description was “big thanks to our other driver ash who also caught the accident on dashcam approx 1 minute into video best if u turn volume down there is a fair bit of foul language”.


  • Peter Bennett

    How about we push to fine caravan drivers the same ridiculous amounts that we fine our professional drivers of the big rigs and put on them the same restrictions and rules and harrasment that our truckies endure to earn a living for their families . a car with a 30 ft caravan with a dick at the wheelbis far more dangerous than a well trained professional truck driver safely driving his rig . I’m not a truck driver . I am a realist . idiots in bloody caravan plus car should have log books restrictions on time and greatly inflated fines as our hard working truck drivers have to . bloody idiot with that caravan should be charged under criminal code with dangerous driving endangering life . thanks to all of you truckies out there . I appreciate you and your hard work . peter Bennett acacia ridge qld.