Aug 19 2015

10-07-2015 – Distracted driver doesn’t see stopped cars, collects them at full speed (Anula, Darwin)

Original YouTube Description:

This accident was captured on my ‘Mini 0805’ model dashcam just before sunrise. An abandoned vehicle (seen at 2:03) was parked on the road. Its hazard lights were not on as the battery had died overnight. Two vehicles (the Subaru visible in the footage, plus another vehicle) in front of mine stopped for, but didn’t collide with, the parked vehicle and were waiting to change lanes during peak hour traffic.

Note: The speed displayed in the bottom right corner is not accurate as I was travelling at about 80km/h (the posted limit) and slowed down to about 50km/h by the time of impact. I guess the GPS had some communication issues at that particular point, as it was accurate prior to and after the crash.

Shortly after we had moved our vehicles off the road, a motorcyclist clipped the corner of the parked vehicle and was thrown off his bike. He narrowly avoided being run over by oncoming traffic. I understand he had two broken arms as a result of the accident.

0:07 Subaru enters field of view (left)
0:27 Impact with Subaru
1:53 Drove around to service road to get out of the way of traffic