Oct 15 2014

10-10-2014 – Taxi pulls out directly in front of bike (Port Macquarie, NSW)

Original YouTube Description:

I was riding along Sherwood Road Port Macquarie NSW just exiting off the Oxley highway roundabout when a Ford Falcon taxi station wagon pulled out in front of me he didn’t even look! I beeped my horn at him several times he eventually saw me. WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO STOP DRIVERS PULLING OUT IN FRONT OF A MOTORCYCLE RIDER! I once again did my motorcycle skills as taught by the RMS NSW I buffered, looked in my mirrors to see if I had a tailgater *none!*, did an emergency stop as well as beeping my horn. I over took him after as he was turning off to the aged care home.
Thank you for taking the time to watch my upload, I apologize for the swearing I may have said I was annoyed at the time, I have age restricted the video.