Jul 17 2014

11-07-2014 – Car pulls out in front of motorbike, resulting impact sends bike rider flying over hood (Bentleigh, Melbourne)

Original YouTube Description:

My first multi-vehicle crash.

No ‘major’ injuries, but long term damage to my knee.

Whilst I look back at the video myself and see what I thought…I can also see how I should have reacted differently.
I thought of swerving, but the driver was still moving forward at impact. Had he still clipped me I thought (at the time) I would have slid/been thrown, into the ladders of the trailer in the next lane.
I did lock up the bike a bit and wiped of a large part of my speed, still enough to throw me clean over the car though.

Luckily 3 girls studying medicine/nursing were in a car not far behind the accident and helped a LOT.

Must say the response of by standers was amazing. Barely hit the bitumen and someone was on the phone to the ambulance.

Argue all you want about my lack of skill, or how you would have reacted better. According to the police I was at no fault as the driver left a STOP sign a ventured across my lane into my path.