Jan 03 2015

12-05-2014 – Truck passes cyclist far too close, results in a verbal exchange between rider and driver (Chermside, Brisbane)

Original YouTube Description:

Truck driver decided to give me a scare on the way to work. Complaint has been made to police.


  • Skitzo Paul

    hahaha wanker rides between traffic ya ya he will get far

  • Guest

    It’s a bloody it cannot pull out like car stupid rider

  • iceoteck

    It’s a bloody truck and trailer it cannot just pull out for the stupid bike rider what a Moron

  • iceoteck

    The moron bike rider is not allowed to weave his way thru the traffic hate bike riders on the main roads too bad if you have an accident pulling out for that dumb dick

  • iceoteck

    Your a wanker bikes should be on the outside of the truck not the inside of both trucks you asked for what you got idiot

  • realjarod812

    He rode between traffic to get the truck drivers face for the police to identify the driver. It would seem motorists struggle to share the road with everyone else, including myself when under lights and sirens in an emergency vehicle. Well done mate. Hope the truckie gets what he deserves.

  • Common sense

    Moronic cyclist, no bike lane. The truck is massive and it looks like peak hour…. Use common sense and ride off the road..or die, whatever. After your all squished you can file some sort of legal action and might even be justified… Legally… Have fun being right and squished.

  • Laurence Rucker

    Not where the bike was riding when the truck passed him… move over to left as far as you can, and invest in a mirror to watch traffic behind you.