May 14 2015

12-05-2015 – Road raging 4×4 tries to punish dashcam car for overtaking, almost causes a multi-car pileup on the Monash Freeway (Burnley, Melbourne)

Original YouTube Description:

trying to stick to the 80km speed limit on the city link/monash freeway, all lanes full, nowhere to go. I will not sped to let some impatient wanker pass me, when the lane is clear next to me, I’ll move over. so many speed cameras in that are, not worth it… this has to be the worst display I’ve seen yet. Almost a multi-car pile up, and for what??!!


  • Burt

    I was one of the people trailing a few cars behind during this incident. Its interesting how the arrogant fool who posted this video clip failed to post what they themselves did prior to the white prado pulling in front of the white ford territory. The territory had remained in the right hand lane for an extremely, excessively long time and remained level with traffic without overtaking. Australian driving law is simple, in areas 80km or above, you must keep left unless overtaking. The territory was driving lower than the posted speed limit and blatantly ignored the 8 vehicles stuck travelling behind it. The territory driver also stomped on his brakes heavily and swerved to upset the drivers stuck behind him. This was done so violently that it almost caused a multi car pile up. This happened just prior to the video footage you see here. The territory driver was arrogant and deliberately provocative to try and stir trouble, and it was predictable that this vehicle had a dash cam. The ford territory driver who posted this footage can also be heard clapping his hands in another provocation to the driver of the prado. The territory driver is therefore not following another simple driving law of having both hands on the steering wheel at all times, except in the necessary course of operating vehicle. I wonder how many of these dash cam footages are deliberately caused acts like this one!

    • http://www.bikexprt.com/streetsmarts/usa/index.htm billdav

      He was clearly passing in the video. I assume he was passing before that?

      Yeah, he wasn’t passing as quickly as you would like and didn’t want to have to slow down himself in order to allow self important children behind him pass sooner and violate the maximum speed limit.

      You impatient aggressive speeders are all so monumentally arrogant and self important and incapable of understanding or respecting the law.

      Even if he was doing something wrong, that would not in any way make it acceptable for the other drivers to move over on him like that and hit the brakes. Road rage tantrums can and do get people killed — for nothing.