Mar 15 2015

13-03-2015 – Cyclist attempts to pass another cyclist on the left, causes a collision (Collingwood, Melbourne)

Original YouTube Description:

Never overtake another cyclist on the left


  • sean

    She(?) was riding wide when approaching the intersection – which is correct for someone about to turn left. However, the failure to give left turn signal was the cause of the collision. She should have realised she is not the fastest bike on the road and that people might be riding in the bike lane. The fact that both of them ran the red doesn’t really help much – but it might have lead the overtaking rider to conclude she was about to stop for the red. For the poster to claim the overtaking cyclist is at fault is pretty ballsy. I’m surprised the other cyclist didn’t stop to give the left-turning person a lecture on how to ride a bike. if you want people to give way to you when you are doing a left turn you are supposed to indicate you are doing a left turn. There is no law preventing a cyclist overtaking on the left.