Jun 03 2014

14-03-2014 – Cyclist Hit By Car (Brisbane, Australia)

Original YouTube Description:

A bike rider is knocked from his bike during the Friday afternoon commute by a lady in a white Audi hatchback. Anyone familiar with the area will recognise that set of traffic lights as being a bit of a mad scramble as people dive into the temporary lane to get in front of the queue (MGIF!)

I took off gently (admittedly this is due more to a lack of horsepower and a lot of weight in the service van more so than any moral highground decision on my part), fully expecting to be cutoff as usual… so you can imagine my surprise when they chose to ram the bike instead.

The good news is that the bloke looks to be ok – aside from some missing skin and a few interesting bruises. The helmet broke on impact so he was taken to hospital as a precaution. Mad props to the people who stopped and helped, and to the ambulance who was there within all of a minute or two. The bike also stood up well, with a rim or two the only casualty. All in all a very lucky ending to what could have been a really bad accident. 

The moral of the story? If you’re driving around bikes – who are legally allowed and fully entitled to use the road – PAY ATTENTION! Just calm down and give them room, don’t try and chop and change lanes dangerously just to arrive home a car length ahead of where you would have been if you’d chilled a little.