Jul 05 2014

14-11-2013 – Bogan in a tiny car doesn’t give way to a cyclist, then gets angry about it (Newtown, Sydney)

Original YouTube Description:

Bad language in the video.

Coming up to this intersection, I see the Yaris start to poke his nose out (over a stop line). I gave him a bip on my horn as i was approaching to let him know I was there (wasn’t sure if he had seen me). He tries to pull out on me anyway.

He obviously didn’t appreciate this… as evidenced in the video. He then threatened to smack me one using some rather classy language. Obviously has a case of small man’s disease.

Audio is a bit wonky, apologies

Side note: He actually had a stop sign, not a give way sign. Didn’t look like he stopped to me.

BV 61 NQ