Sep 21 2014

15-07-2014 – Car swerves in front of two trucks, following tanker locks up and crosses to wrong side of road to avoid accident (Liverpool, Sydney)

Original YouTube Description:

caught this very near miss on my dash cam today while on my way to work… it’s just dumb luck that there wasn’t a car in the oncoming lane.

this Linfox tanker driver crossed on to the wrong side of Cumberland HWY near Liverpool on July 15, 2014.
time and date are stamped on the lower left of the video.

Additional information from YouTube comments:

Looks to be the fault of the sedan that weaves out to the left. Almost causes two trucks to come to blows.

I believe you see the truck in front lock his brakes pretty hard and swerve right onto the grass followed by the Linfox truck who has to go wider to avoid the path the truck in front appears to be heading. Poor bugger at the back in the Linfox truck had the misfortune of hitting the situation immediately after a lane change.