Jun 12 2014

15-08-2013 – Tradie Ute and bus driver engage in a tussle over roadworks cut-off (Nerang, Gold Coast)

Original YouTube Description:

These 2 car Drivers had a Kilometer WARNING to merge to the left on the approach to roadworks!So like the majority of car drivers they choose to merge in the last 20 metres when professional drivers leave enough gap for them to merge over!

The crazy ute driver from A&H Home Repairs feels he can do the wrong thing by letting the stranded no brain driver stuck behind the Police Car in whilst not realizing he has a 16 tonne coach behind him and me ending up in the wrong for ramming him up the arse!

Lucky i flashed him to wake him up to reality otherwise it would’ve ended in tears for him!

If it wasn’t enough putting the police officers life at risk,what proceeded after that was just downright negligent and stupid on his behalf by swerving and slamming on his brakes in front of me!Lucky I didn’t have passengers or he would be in a lot of trouble!

How do people like this obtain and hold a license!