Jun 09 2014

16-04-2012 – Magna drives for kilometers on a flat tire (Coolbinia, Perth)

Original YouTube Description:

1AAN 526. If you were stuck in traffic heading east on Walcott St in Perth 16/4/12, this idiot is why.

Waiting a set of lights, see car pull up pissing out smoke. Engine troubles??!?!?!

Nope, too lazy to pull over and change tyre. Opens car door, has a look. “Stuff it, only 10km from home. Maybe I can make it!” Have to record this idiot.

Mate. You are a f***ing RETARD. If you were 18 and/or female and/or Asian, maybe you would be forgiven. But you seemed like a 40yr old male that should fkn know better.

Not only does he destroy his car, he has the courtesy to block not one, but two, yes BOTH lanes when his car brakes down in peak hour.

Watch him fail to even hold his lane.

I am so sick of ACA or Today Tonight showing “shock footage” of road rage. Yeh, well sometimes its perfectly justifiable and the “victims” were too ignorant to know why people got out and punched them to start with. People dont get out of their car to start sh&t for no reason you know. This fkr sure deserved a punch in the head.

inb4 using phone while driving. dont care when there are d*cks like this on the road to worry about. this guy is more dangerous than catching a taxi.