Mar 17 2015

17-03-2015 – Foul mouthed woman and daughter combo almost take out a motorbike, become aggressive when advised about the legality of lane splitting (Liverpool, Sydney)

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Check out this putrid thing and her meth addict daughter this morning! Road rage at its finest..
The rider had filtered through to the red light we were waiting at, coming to a stop right at the front of the lane infront of her 4wd, (stopped there for a good minute) , the light went green and he took off, then this idiot tried to over take him while he was in the same lane almost taking him out, he’d come to a stop and that’s when she flew out of her car and all hell broke lose.. Both the rider and I managed to stay calm the whole time despite the filth she had to say, disgusting human being she was and clearly the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. FYI lane filtering is legal for fully licensed riders, you can hear her arguing with us about it, it seems to me she was being spiteful and tried to cut him off on purpose, clearly shown by her actions after!