Sep 22 2015

20-09-2015 – Bus driver cuts off motorist, both engage in a game of mutual road rage (Epping, Sydney)

Original YouTube Description:

I was driving along Beecroft Road outside Epping Rail Station at 4.35pm on Sunday September 20 2015 when a bus driver pulls out and almost crashes into me.
I had to swerve to avoid a collision.
He then makes three attempts to sideswipe me with his bus. The first time I had to hit slow, as the bus turned the corner.
The second and third times I had to duck to my left on Epping Rd to avoid being side swiped by the bus.
I had a look at the bus driver. He was a young guy, who was smiling at me, and thinking the whole thing was fun.
The bus line is M54 and the licence plate of the bus is 1963ST.
I never knew a Sydney bus driver could terrorize a motorist.
I never knew a Sydney bus driver could use his bus as a weapon.