Aug 22 2014

21-06-2014 – Selfish woman in a 4×4 cuts off cyclist and gets rebuked, responds by trying to run cyclist off road (Glenbrook, Blue Mountains)

Original YouTube Description:

Soccer Mum decides to pass too close so she rolls down the window to talk after she finds out she has been halted by road works & has nowhere to hide.

She couldn’t find a reasonable answer to my sensible question so rolled the window back up.

Less than 2 minutes later, she tries to squash me.

Registration Number: New South Wales XFU 109
Date: 21/06/2014
Time: 12 05pm

More information from YouTube comments:

Q. What did the silver van want?
A. She witnessed the whole thing & sped off to get her rego not realising I had a gopro. We met up later & exchanged details. She will go to court if she has to. Great Lady.

Q. Did you report it to the police? And if so, did you get a positive response?
A. 2 fines totalling $1100 & 6 points off her license