Aug 22 2014

21-06-2014 – Selfish woman in a 4×4 cuts off cyclist and gets rebuked, responds by trying to run cyclist off road (Glenbrook, Blue Mountains)

Original YouTube Description:

Soccer Mum decides to pass too close so she rolls down the window to talk after she finds out she has been halted by road works & has nowhere to hide.

She couldn’t find a reasonable answer to my sensible question so rolled the window back up.

Less than 2 minutes later, she tries to squash me.

Registration Number: New South Wales XFU 109
Date: 21/06/2014
Time: 12 05pm

More information from YouTube comments:

Q. What did the silver van want?
A. She witnessed the whole thing & sped off to get her rego not realising I had a gopro. We met up later & exchanged details. She will go to court if she has to. Great Lady.

Q. Did you report it to the police? And if so, did you get a positive response?
A. 2 fines totalling $1100 & 6 points off her license


  • Brad

    I think the bike rider should get a fine. He was happy to cut through the traffic, expects all the cars to let him sneak through only to hold them all up. Why didn’t he follow the road rules, stop and wait. Both as bad as each other however the 4×4 driver is an idiot she could have killed him.