Jun 05 2014

23-07-2012 – Tilt Tray tow truck collects red light runner (Miranda, Sydney)

Original YouTube Description:

Tilt Tray loaded with a +$130000 Showcar travelling South at 63km/h in a 70km/h posted zone… White Rav4 in front of Mazda CX9 turned left on green arrow… Mazda CX9 driver drove through green arrow easterly in the path of 8 tonne loaded Tilt Tray… $140000.00 Tilt Tray now a write off… Not clearly visable in video, driver of CX9 was using her pink covred iPhone (or simular brand) in her hand… She stated her light was green, obvoiusly not as the light JUST went to Orange for our truck AND the cars waiting to travel westerly were still waiting at the intersection AFTER the collison… This is evident when you see her light is still red at the top of the screen on the video… It was also a shame that only one person “stopped and rendered assistance” after the collision… Hopefully Police will use this vision and contact persons that failed to do so…