Jul 10 2014

26-06-2012 – Jims Mowing cuts off a cyclist, causes them to collide with the trailer (Weston, Canberra)

Original YouTube Description:

Call Jim’s Mowing any time for a hit-n-run…

The driver of this Holden Commodore didn’t even stop after side-swiping the cyclist.

Noting that the cyclist was travelling at (or very close to) the posted speed limit for that section of road, it is unclear why the driver of the Holden Commodore was overtaking in the first place.

The cyclist was wearing high-visibility clothing compliant with both “AS/NZS 4602(1999) High Visibility Safety Garments” and “AS/NZS 1906.4(1997) High Visibility Materials for Safety Garments”.

Extended footage is also available showing that prior to this incident, the traffic had slowed through roadworks such that the red VW Polo was just ahead of the cyclist for a considerable time, following by the black Mercedes and of course, the Holden Commodore – the driver of the Holden Commodore was following the cyclist for quite some time through the roadworks and has absolutely NO excuse not to have seen the cyclist.

The incident was reported to the ACT Police.