Mar 28 2015

27-03-2015 – Brief road rage exchange between motorbike and car is diffused by the presence of a camera (Mindarie, Perth)

Original YouTube Description:

Regardless of what the law may be where YOU are from, it doesn’t mean that it’s the same here. Lane Splitting is NOT illegal. We work in Kmph, not Mph.

So this idiot cager decides to yell some crap out his window at me and at the same time, throws up his hand in anger. When he notices that he is caught on camera, he lightens up by giving me a thumbs up, but then gestures for me to pull over.

I ignored the idiot and carried on. He pulled in behind my bike and accelerated aggressively, which is clear in the video. He tailgates me to the point where I move closer to the centre of the two lanes. This may seem dangerous, but it put me in a better position to manoeuvre.

If you’re wondering why I am steering with only one hand at the point where he is tailgating me, its because removing my left arm from the bar opens up a better line of sight through the rear view mirror. Keeping track of his car was more important to me.

I just don’t have the time, or patience to deal with retards like this fool. Stick your road rage right up your….