Jul 28 2016

27-07-2016 – Cars chopping lanes on the highway hits dashcam driver, results in accident (Camden Valley Way, Sydney)

Original YouTube Description:

Driving home from the city. I’ve gone to overtake a car, i notice a couple of cars distance behind me that decided to go into the far left lane to overtake rather than waiting for me overtake this 1 vehicle. I was extremely cautious about pulling back into the middle lane as I knew they were weaving traffic and speeding but I double checked my blind spot and mirrors to make sure they weren’t going to cut across and he was no where to be seen and then put my blinker on and started to merge carefully. Then all sudden there was huge bang as he’s come flying out of nowhere and hit my car. He’s come flying up the left lane then as soon as there was enough gap between the car in front of him and the car on his right in the middle lane he’s flown across to the middle lane not noticing that I was merging over.

The cops came and he was trying to tell them a different story then what I was saying, I’m not sure what his story was, but the cops did agree with me that he was in the wrong. He was speeding and weaving through traffic, overtaking in the the left lane and failed to notice that I had already started to merge into the middle lane.