Oct 29 2014

27-10-2014 – Commodore brakes hard and late in the wet, ends up plowing the median strip to avoid an accident (Bundoora, Melbourne)

Original YouTube Description:

Well there you have it folks! After dash camming for some time now, I present to you my first dash cam capture of a crash. This occurred during a rather wet and busy morning along Plenty Rd, heading south bound, before the Ring Rd overpass/intersection. Melbourne and surrounds was hit with heavy rain and spectacular lightning storms throughout the night and also throughout this whole morning.
As you see in the clip, traffic was getting slightly banked up along the far right lane due to those waiting to turn right to enter the Ring Rd freeway. A car behind me appeared to have braked a little too late, and I almost became a rear-end victim. He swerved into the median strip to avoid me. He just missed, but unfortunately, due to the slippery and wet surface, it was already too late and hit a tree. I pulled over to see if he is fine. Thankfully the driver of the vehicle was okay, and damaged was limited (at least visually) to left side of the front bumper, and soon was able to drive away.

Best viewed in fullscreen HD 720p (1080p also available)

– Powerucc Panorama II
– Mobius Actioncam (rear)

Apart from highlighting the bad driving we all see everyday and sharing my everyday experiences for your enjoyment/education (no-one is perfect, and I may include clips of my own mistakes as well), my primary aim for having the in car camera is for insurance and evidence defend against any false claims against me if I was to be involved in an incident if I am not at fault.

Enjoy and drive safely out there!