Jun 06 2014

29-03-2014 – Dangerous undertake on the highway (Beenleigh, Brisbane)

Original YouTube Description:

Cruising down the M1 in the Beagle Bus with 4 adults and 7 Beagles on board when someone took offence to… whatever we did. Or they think we did.

Since I was on cruise control, I suspect they think we sped up to block them from undertaking… when what actually happened is the truck in their lane lost speed going up the hill. You can hear that the engine never changes note so we definitely DIDN’T speed up (and I included a bit of context before the action to keep it all in perspective). It’s just a bogan being a bogan.

The quality on this dashcam is so terrible that I’ve ordered a new one. I’ve also made sure to get one with GPS so things like this can be proven with an OSD on the footage.