Jun 23 2014

30-04-2013 – White van has had enough of waiting in highway traffic, cuts across two lanes and drives down the break down lane (Rhodes, Sydney)

Original YouTube Description:

The male driver of NSW plated van, XST-491, decides the traffic is going too slow for him and that he does not need to obey the road rules.

A quick look at the NSW legislation* seems to indicate the following breaches on his part:

95 Emergency stopping lane only signs
125 Unreasonably obstructing drivers or pedestrians
140 No overtaking unless safe to do so
141 No overtaking etc to the left of a vehicle
146 Driving within a single marked lane or line of traffic
148 Giving way when moving from one marked lane or line of traffic to another marked lane or line of traffic
150 Driving on or across a continuous white edge line



Additional information from YouTube comments:

I attended Burwood police station and submitted the information as per Oxford’s form. Constable A******n initially said no TINs could be issued from video submitted by the public. When I mentioned I know of others that have had TINs issued and been notified of this he changed his story. Now it would take some time to identify the driver and I’d only be notified if it went to court. (Constable’s name obscured until I can confirm if it’s legal to display)


So far I am told the officer I spoke to will speak to his Traffic Sergeant and get back to me. 11 days later I’ve heard nothing. I’ve sent one last email to the officer and if nothing happens I’ll escalated it further up the chain of command.The lack of interest from the Police is disturbing to say the least. I can phone into the hoon line if I see a bloke doing a wheelie, but get ignored when I bring in video of blatant road rule infringements that endanger numerous other road users.


P/Cst Atkinson has so far failed to respond with anything, so I have sent in a complaint to the Police Customer Assistance Unit. Driving a motor vehicle is a privilege this person should not have.


Customer Assistance Unit are very quick to jump on things. I have now made a formal statement. Both officers that were present did not seem to be very pleased with my actions. Too bad really. If they had done their job in the first place instead of fobbing me off, it would not have come to this. Maybe next time they’ll actually give a shit when a complaint is made?