Jul 19 2014

31-12-2013 – Bike rider gets distracted by mobile phone, ends up hitting a barrier (Gorge Rd, Adelaide)

Original YouTube Description:

Adam, cruisin for a bruising.
Gorge Road cuddlee Creek. We had headsets to talk to each other with. One setting that were gonna turn off, is the auto answer feature. It doesn’t ring, just answers.

Additional information from the comments section:

Yeh we had new Scala Rider G9 Headsets so we could talk to each other, Or let each other know of any hazards coming. He recieved a phone call that went straight through to his headset (this was our first day wearing them). The auto answer is a feature that were both gonna turn off

Yeh the bloke just got back to work after having over 6 months off with a fucked leg. Haven’t used the auto answering headsets since.