Mar 31 2015

30-03-2015 – Tough guy tries to be tough in front of school kids, receives some bent rims and blown tyres in return (Perth, Western Australia)

Original YouTube Description:

This fella got our attention when he passed us, did a U turn, spinning his wheels & hoofed it back up to the school kids at the bus stop.

So I tuned on my camera.

He then spun it round again (camera didn’t really pick up any wheel spinning, & started to hoof it back. Then he saw I was recording & calmed it down.

He spent so much time staring at me he didn’t see the island in the middle of the road.

After bursting 2 tyres (and presumably some serious damage to his alloy rims) he carried on going, too embarrassed to stop & check out the damage.

We caught up with the school kids later & I asked what he had wanted. They said one of them had pretended to throw something in the road.

I guess the big guy didn’t feel so big after showing off.